Barbara McKenna Presents at MA Bankers Annual Mutual Bank Conference

On February 11, 2014, Barbara McKenna, Managing Principal and Portfolio Manager, had the opportunity to present at the annual Mutual Bank Conference in Marlborough, MA, sponsored by the Massachusetts Bankers Association.  Barbara’s session was titled, “The Investment Portfolio – Community Banking’s Biggest Challenge.”

The challenges facing community banks are numerous, but one of the biggest challenges is the investment portfolio.  A changing interest rate environment means that it is time to re-evaluate traditional investment strategies.  The expanding regulations on banks also means that banks can no longer rely on rating agencies and must monitor and stress-test their portfolios.  

Barbara reviewed these challenges and presented her views on the following:  Where are interest rates headed and how quickly?  How should banks think about unrealized losses versus income?  What portfolio options are available to banks?  Her discussion included a review of the fixed income market and potential sector allocations for the banking community.

At Longfellow Investment Management Co. we provide our clients with active fixed income strategies that seek to deliver above-average risk-adjusted returns.  Our long-standing investment philosophy and process have added significant and consistent value to our clients’ portfolios.  By maintaining high quality diversified portfolios, we have remained true to our low-volatility approach.  In addition, the smaller size of our firm enables us to consider a wide range of investment opportunities that are analyzed on a bond-by-bond basis, allowing us to tailor portfolios to meet each client’s specific needs.

In you are interested in reviewing Barbara’s presentation, we would be happy to share it with you and discuss in more detail our approach to adding value to a bank portfolio without adding undue risk or volatility.  Please contact Corinne Larson by calling 617-695-3504 or emailing