Foundation Hires LIM for ESG Portfolio

Expanding on our extensive experience with socially responsible investing (SRI), LIM recently began working with a Florida-based foundation to build an Intermediate Duration portfolio that takes environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into consideration.  While we will seek to outperform the Barclays Intermediate U.S. Government/Credit Index, the client is also looking for the investments to positively contribute to communities in the southeastern U.S.  In this region, the foundation seeks to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of community development financial institutions that serve the American South
  • Preserve and develop of affordable housing
  • Support growth of renewable energy and sustainable energy sectors
  • Create jobs, particularly in Southern rural communities
  • Finance community facilities that serve low‐wealth communities and facilitate access to employment (e.g., child care facilities, community health care facilities, etc.)

LIM is excited about the opportunity to provide this foundation with a customized approach that targets their assets toward community improvement.