Responsible Investment Policy

LIM’s investment philosophy is rooted in the belief that outperformance can be achieved by consistently focusing on both risks and opportunities within a portfolio. In our view, avoiding sectors and securities with heightened risk characteristics should reduce volatility and lead to strong risk-adjusted returns over a market cycle. A key component of LIM’s fundamental fixed income credit research process is integrated ESG analysis. We believe this enhances our ability to identify and evaluate potential risks and opportunities often overlooked in traditional credit research. Our analysts consider ESG factors most material to a specific industry or issuer in their analyses, which combine our proprietary LIM ESG scoring framework and relevant qualitative information to help inform our decision-making process.

LIM has documented its fixed income ESG integration since 2014. Our Responsible Investment Policy governs all aspects of our approach, including ESG integration, engagement and stewardship, and customized client solutions. It has been adapted over time to reflect our expanding capabilities as well as evolving regulatory dynamics, with oversight provided by LIM’s Chief Investment Officer. Material changes to our Responsible Investment Policy require approval by LIM’s Board of Managers, reflecting our commitment at the highest level to ensuring our approach aligns with the responsible investment principles of our firm.