Risk management is at the heart of all we do

LIM’s investment philosophy is based on the premise that focusing on portfolio risk is the key to producing consistent outperformance.

We are an active management firm that engages in rigorous, bottom-up security selection to protect clients from downside risk. This approach, which has guided LIM since our inception, seeks to achieve attractive, risk-adjusted returns over each market cycle and across strategies.

The following principles also guide our work:

  • Customize solutions in accordance with our clients’ requirements.
  • Collaborate with clients to form responsive and rewarding relationships that include direct access to our Investment Team.
  • Capitalize on the wider, more diverse range of investment opportunities available to boutique managers than to large index-driven mega-managers.
  • Strive to earn attractive, risk-adjusted returns on a consistent basis.
  • Engage employees in an environment that properly motivates and incentivizes the entire team.

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