For over three decades, LIM has managed alternative asset strategies to meet our clients’ unique investment objectives.

Our team employs a disciplined, independent research process that leverages years of expertise and robust proprietary tools to inform our analyses. The avoidance of negative credit events, coupled with the inclusion of low-risk, low-volatility investments, enhances our ability to deliver competitive investment returns over time with minimal correlation to both equity and fixed income markets.

Our investment offerings include our flagship Merger Arbitrage strategy, which typically seeks to take advantage of the timing or potential outcome of equity or fixed income securities involved in mergers and acquisitions.

Based on this experience and our fixed income capabilities, LIM offers a Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) strategy also designed to deliver strong absolute returns with low realized volatility.

We leverage our credit and event-driven investment experience through our Multi-Strategy offering. This strategy seeks to capitalize on market inefficiencies through catalyst identification across several asset classes. Allocations can be customized across fixed income, equities, merger arbitrage, and SPACs to improve the risk return profile and reduce the correlation to single strategy allocations.

Asset allocation is customizable and can incorporate different volatility, leverage, and position sizes to accommodate each client’s risk tolerance.