Who We Serve

Serving a wide range of investors

LIM provides customized investment management strategies for a diverse base of investors. We work closely with clients to help ensure their portfolios align with their goals and objectives, including liquidity requirements, gain/loss sensitivities, customized benchmarks, and other considerations.

How we serve

  • Collaboration on investment guidelines
  • Custom analytics and reporting: stress tests, cash flow projections, and security-level reporting
  • Access to investment team for calls and meetings
  • Customization to include social and religious considerations


Operating and pension assets, bond proceeds, nuclear decommissioning trusts, and asbestos trusts

Public & Private Pension Funds

Portfolios designed to optimize risk-adjusted return

Ability to customize and incorporate liability-driven investing and cash flow requirements

Endowments & Foundations

Can be customized to account for client environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations and can assist in helping meet 5% payouts

Healthcare and Religious Organizations

Operating, pension, insurance, self-insurance, and bond proceeds

Taft-Hartley/Multi-Employer Plans

Personalized client service with access to portfolio managers

Flexibility working with third-party administrators and coordination with health and welfare plans

An over 30-year relationship with our original Taft-Hartley client

Banks and Insurance

Customized portfolios designed to meet total return, after-tax total return, book yield, and investment income objectives

Sensitivity to asset/liability profile, regulatory considerations, and liquidity requirements

Customized security-level regulatory reporting

Family Offices

Municipal bond management customized to your risk tolerance and after-tax income objectives

Equity strategies focused on tax efficiencies

Absolute return strategies with low correlation to traditional fixed income and equity market strategies

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