May 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

In this month’s Sustainable Investment Update, we highlight multiple regulatory trends with the potential to impact the clean energy, banking, and semiconductor industries. As the U.S. solar industry matures, the conflict between sourcing cheap parts abroad and protecting national security interests has...

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April 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

With earnings season well underway, companies are providing more (and new) details around how climate-related policy incentives are factoring into their strategic and capex planning. These incentives, which have also been the focus of some debt ceiling negotiations, will positively impact both...

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March 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

Women’s History Month, celebrated in March, serves to acknowledge the many contributions that women have made to society. It also represents a call to action in light of the persistent challenges women face in the workplace and the lack of gender pay...

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February 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

President Biden’s State of the Union Address left energy investors and industry executives perplexed as comments calling for increased fossil fuel production were seemingly at odds with last year’s climate legislation to reduce U.S. fossil fuel reliance. This month, we explore mixed...

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January 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

Since its ratification in August, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has been the focus of policymakers, businesses, and investors worldwide as they seek to understand the risks and opportunities associated with the U.S. climate spending bill. Europe, in particular, has been pressured...

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December 2022 Sustainable Investment Update

Though a new year has officially begun, global communities are still navigating the same risks, including war, inflation, COVID-19, and severe weather. These ESG and sustainability concerns demonstrated their impact across all corners of the financial markets in 2022. Over the coming...

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