May 2024 Sustainable Investment Update

In response to fierce competition between domestic and Chinese clean energy industries, the White House announced sweeping tariffs on imports such as solar cells, electric vehicles, and batteries. We examine the implications of these tariffs and the state of global collaboration for...

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April 2024 Sustainable Investment Update

Tensions are rising on college campuses in response to the Middle East conflict. Amid calls for ceasefires, some students have further pressured university officials to reconsider investment policies around weapons manufacturers. This month, we revisit the divestment vs. engagement debate as well...

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March 2024 Sustainable Investment Update

The SEC recently voted on and adopted its long-awaited climate disclosure rule, and in the weeks since, it has faced significant pushback from all sides. Policymakers are clamoring that the requirements are overly burdensome on companies, while climate transition advocates argue they...

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February 2024 Sustainable Investment Update

Amid rising political pressure, businesses have become less vocal about their ESG commitments. This practice has been dubbed “greenhushing,” most recently highlighted by the departure of a few large asset managers from an international climate coalition. This month, we discuss the need...

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January 2024 Sustainable Investment Update

As the election approaches, we expect significant overlap in climate and political headlines as candidates leverage polarizing views on climate spending and energy security to sway voters. Whether or not these headlines will evolve as true climate advocacy or mere political gamesmanship,...

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December 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

Despite transformative climate policies and a reversal of performance headwinds, media outlets instead focused their attention on the politically charged ESG rhetoric in 2023. While this is sure to persist–more than 75 countries will hold national or major regional elections this year–we...

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