January 2024 Sustainable Investment Update

As the election approaches, we expect significant overlap in climate and political headlines as candidates leverage polarizing views on climate spending and energy security to sway voters. Whether or not these headlines will evolve as true climate advocacy or mere political gamesmanship,...

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December 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

Despite transformative climate policies and a reversal of performance headwinds, media outlets instead focused their attention on the politically charged ESG rhetoric in 2023. While this is sure to persist–more than 75 countries will hold national or major regional elections this year–we...

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November 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

The climate change narrative often presented by the media describes a state of planetary disarray, making it easy to lose sight of the significant strides made toward a more climate-conscious world. This journey of environmental progress, marked by groundbreaking technological innovation, robust...

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October 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

This year marks the 28th annual UN climate change conference, COP28, during which sovereign leaders and industry experts will seek to align and advance global climate mitigation and adaptation policies. In addition, 2023 also represents the midway point from when the UN’s...

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September 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

From new climate disclosure rules in California to an abrupt “pragmatic” net zero policy pivot in the UK, September was a busy month on the ESG front. This month, we also break down the Utilities sector’s underperformance in 2023 and provide insight...

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August 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

In just 12 months, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has meaningfully disrupted traditional capex spending and labor markets in the U.S. and abroad as manufacturers seek to take advantage of the bill’s generous incentives. From 85,000 new clean energy jobs across the...

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