August 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

In just 12 months, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has meaningfully disrupted traditional capex spending and labor markets in the U.S. and abroad as manufacturers seek to take advantage of the bill’s generous incentives. From 85,000 new clean energy jobs across the...

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July 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

July was characterized by rising temperatures across the globe and rising tensions in Congress over how ESG is being used/misused by investment managers. On climate, a recent study found that 81% of the global population experienced unusually high heat last month, a...

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June 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

Investors have been bullish on artificial intelligence (AI) technology and its potential to drive productivity growth. This month, we evaluate some of the ESG concerns that surround AI, which are essential to solve in order for companies, investors, and governments to capture...

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May 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

In this month’s Sustainable Investment Update, we highlight multiple regulatory trends with the potential to impact the clean energy, banking, and semiconductor industries. As the U.S. solar industry matures, the conflict between sourcing cheap parts abroad and protecting national security interests has...

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April 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

With earnings season well underway, companies are providing more (and new) details around how climate-related policy incentives are factoring into their strategic and capex planning. These incentives, which have also been the focus of some debt ceiling negotiations, will positively impact both...

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March 2023 Sustainable Investment Update

Women’s History Month, celebrated in March, serves to acknowledge the many contributions that women have made to society. It also represents a call to action in light of the persistent challenges women face in the workplace and the lack of gender pay...

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