Market News

The FOMC increased the range on the federal funds rate to (1.25% - 1.50%) from (1.00% - 1.25%). The vote was 7–2 with Kashkari and Evans dissenting. This was the third rate hike in 2017 and the fifth since they began normalizing rates. Read more
The Trump administration has nominated Jerome (Jay) Powell as the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve, replacing Janet Yellen. This nomination came after months of speculation. President Trump reportedly drew his pick from a pool of five candidates... Read more
On September 20, a unanimous Fed announced that a reduction of its balance sheet would begin in October, starting with a cap of $10 billion per month in securities. This reduction will be carried out by allowing securities to mature and not... Read more
The Fed increased the range on the federal funds rate • To (0.75% - 1.00%) from (0.50% - 0.75%) • This was the third rate hike since December 2015, while keeping the federal funds rate in a range Read more
December 14, 2016 - The Federal Open Market Committee increased the range on the federal funds rate to (0.50% - 0.75%) from (0.25% - 0.50%). Any future decision on rate hikes will continue to be highly data dependent. However, the Fed’s base case is... Read more
Once again a vote in a developed nation resulted in a populist outcome that polls had inaccurately forecasted. Unlike the Brexit decision, however, we know the timing of the event, but the actions to be taken are less clear. Over the coming weeks,... Read more