The LIM Equity Team manages domestic, international, emerging market, and global strategies. Globally and within regions we manage value, growth, and customized equity solutions.

LIM’s equity strategies seek to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns by employing a systematic fundamental active approach to identify mispriced securities. Effective trading execution is a critical component to achieving long-term performance objectives. Our flagship portfolios focus on equity income in order to dampen portfolio volatility and enhance returns over a full investment cycle. We offer U.S., International, and Emerging Market equity strategies across the style spectrum that can be customized to meet a client’s unique needs, tax considerations, or ESG goals.

Value Strategies

  • Our value style focuses on equity income
  • Equity income strategies target companies with premium dividend yields as these firms have historically performed better than low- or no-yield companies while providing lower risk
  • We use a systematic approach that seeks to provide superior long-term risk-adjusted performance and earn a higher income
  • Value styles include:
    • U.S. Equity Income
    • International Equity Income
    • Emerging Markets Equity Income

Growth Strategies

  • Our growth style focuses on quality
  • Quality growth seeks to capture equities that maintain premium profit margins, possess strong balance sheets, and generate stable cash flows
  • Our proprietary quality metrics seek to dampen portfolio volatility and enhance risk-adjusted returns over time
  • Growth styles include:
    • U.S. Quality
    • International Quality

Customized Equity Strategies

  • LIM equity strategies can be customized based on style, region, and ESG considerations
  • Other capabilities include deep value, momentum, commodity equities, and midstream energy