Fixed Income

LIM follows a fundamental, bottom-up approach, which capitalizes on opportunities created by inefficiencies in the fixed income market.  LIM's philosophy is based on the premise that outperformance can be delivered consistently by focusing on the risks to a portfolio.  Investors are best served by avoiding underperformers and diminishing volatility through rigorous research and diversification.  Our approach is based on protecting our clients’ assets from the downside risks in the market.  Our size facilitates direct interaction between clients and investment professionals, while enabling us to participate in a wider range of investment opportunities and market inefficiencies.


Longfellow's alternative investment strategy has 30 years of performance history.  The merger arbitrage strategy concentrates on publicly announced transactions, both domestic and international, where the terms of the deal have largely been defined and disclosed.  The attractiveness of this strategy is that the performance is not dependent on general equity trends and has experienced significantly less volatility than the overall stock market.

Customized Solutions

Our advanced systems allow us to provide customized solutions for your portfolio. We work with clients who have specific needs and restrictions (sector, duration, industry, quality and issuer) and build the appropriate portfolio and benchmark around those guidelines while remaining consistent with our underlying philosophy and process.